Monday, May 10, 2010

Logo Design Contest - Finalist Presenatations

A small crowd came out Friday for the RAPP Rebranding Contest Finalist Presentations. Once the Rebranding Committee selected our seven finalists, we asked them each to prepare a presentation on their submission. We were impressed on Friday by the excellent presentations from all seven finalists - they conveyed the ideas behind their designs as well as the flexibility of their logos and demonstrated the use of the logos on things such as letterhead and t-shirts.

You can see most of the attendees in this photo, but not all!

The order of presentations was selected on site by pulling names out of a cup. George Hakim presented his design first.
Shaheen Miro presented his submission second.

Third was Valerie Schuster.

Emily Thompson presented fourth.

Laura Plikerd was fifth to present her design.
Amar Singh presented next.
Jennifer Zellner closed out the presentations with her design.

After the presentations were done, all present submitted thoughts on their favorite and second favorite by secret ballot. Those who are interested in voting but couldn't be at the event can do so by email - contact Rebecca at and vote by Wednesday morning!

The final decision - selected by the Rebranding Committee and through voting feedback - will be announced at the Unveiling on Sunday, May 23rd, at 3:00PM on the 6th floor of Steger Student Life Center.

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