Monday, May 24, 2010

The New RAPP Logo!

It's finally here! The new RAPP logo!

The RAPP Rebranding Committee made public for the first time the winning design that will represent RAPP - kicking off our 25th year with a new look!
Above is the new RAPP logo - though note it's very versatile. We can swap "Challenge. Debate. Educate." for other mottos and have or not have the program name at the bottom.

A little bit on the logo: The R is left open to demonstrate the openness of the program. The letters are all connected to represent the connections made between people through RAPP. The second P is still present but slightly off place with the other letters, which shows how we're built upon and connected to our past.

One of the things I loved about the design presentation was this connection of the new logo to our mission statement!

Below, some snapshots from the UnVeiling! event:

The committee unveiled the logo through a trivia game then demonstrated some of the "RAPP swag" folks could make at the event.

Jojo shows off his new RAPP keychain, made via shrinky-dink.
Amber shows off her RAPP frisbee!
Lauren works on her own RAPP frisbee.
Kelly shows off her new RAPP t-shirt!

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