Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Background on Logos

Since we unveiled our new logo on Sunday, I thought it might be nice to give a little background on the history (as I know it) of RAPP logos.

Above is a poor remake of the original RAPP logo. To my knowledge, this logo has been used since the inception of RAPP - it's visible on the t-shirts of RAPPs I and II, the committee who created RAPP and the first group to go through RAPP respectively:
Based off of t-shirts in the official group photos, it looks like the original logo was in use from RAPP I&II (1986-'87) to RAPP IX (1993-'94).

The next logo was short-lived due to unfortunate placement of hands on the logo. I unfortunately don't have a digital copy and haven't been able to recreate it, but it can be seen in the group photo of RAPP X:
This logo is seen on RAPP t-shirts for only two years: RAPPs X (1994-'95) and XI (1995-'96).
The RAPP XII (1996-'97) group photo shows a chalkboard design with the letters for RAPP on it. I have been unable to verify whether this was used as a general logo for the program or only for the shirts.
The next logo stuck around for many years, from RAPP XIII (1997-'98) to RAPP XX (2004-'05). It brought back the globe+peace sign image and had people dancing around it:

With RAPP XXI (2005-'06) we saw the most recent logo, which continues the globe theme. It's my understanding that this logo was designed by UC alumna Lisa Link. It has been in use for five years. I'm excited about the radically new direction our new logo takes us, but I'll admit I'm sad to see my trusty old friend "head in the box" go!

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