Friday, May 28, 2010

Writing on the Wall Snapshots

We've finished the first part of Writing on the Wall - three hours on TUC Commons collecting writing from around 100 students. The prompts were intentionally general so that we could get a wide variety of thoughts and feelings: How do you feel about UC? What makes you feel welcome? What makes you feel unwelcome?
Some snapshots of the time are below:

Tynisha (RAPP XX) contemplates what to write on the wall.

As the wall starts to fill, Anthony (XXV) and other students start writing on the bottom.

Some of the several pieces of "RAPP Love" on the wall. :)

The wall got filled on all four sides by a wide variety of thoughts and feelings. In the background, you can see Latoya, Lisa, and Mykea (all XXIV).

Keisa and friend finishing up the wall before we moved it.

Writing on the Wall was organized by the African American Cultural and Research Center, Ethnic Programs and Services, Hillel, and Student Activities and Leadership Development.

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