Friday, October 1, 2010

UC International Study Abroad Expo & Peace Corps - Wednesday, October 6th

UC International Programs hosts a number of events throughout the year. We use our programs to give students an opportunity to interact with globally minded people, share their study abroad experiences, and learn more about study abroad if they have never traveled before. Participating in our programs is a great way to learn about study abroad, get to know other globally minded students, build relationships with advisors, and enrich your college experience.

The Programs Abroad Expo

when:  October 6, 2010 from 10am to 2pm

where: Bearcat Plaza on Mainstreet 

The Programs Abroad Expo is one of UC International's biggest events. We invite more than 100 program providers, located in over 150 countries. Students can go anywhere they want in the world; France, Spain, Italy, Ghana, China, Egypt, you name it, we've got it!
The US Peace Corps is increasing the number of international volunteer positions, and we have more opportunities than ever for college seniors and grad students to apply for 2011 programs. 

Peace Corps continues to seek applicants with specific skill sets in education, agriculture, environment, health, business and IT. We also need applicants majoring in areas such as liberal arts, humanities, cultures and languages, international studies, political science, anthropology, geography, communications, etc.

Peace Corps looks for applicants with leadership skills and commitment to service, and if needed, can advise on the best type of volunteer or internship work to complete according to skills and interests to fully qualify for a spot. For example, we currently have a high need for applicants who are willing to gain a few months of tutoring/teaching experience in order to qualify for English teaching assignments.
Interested candidates can go to to apply online and talk with a recruiter about Peace Corps assignments best matching their qualifications. Also, local information sessions are listed at

Benefits of Peace Corps Service 
In addition to making a difference for others, Peace Corps service comes with 
tangible benefits:
• Combining service with graduate school for credit and/or financial assistance
• Paid living expenses, Full health and dental coverage in service, Vacation days
• $7,425 readjustment allowance upon service completion
• Deferment or partial cancellation of some student loans
• Job placement support and federal employment advantage
• International work experience and cultural exchange
• Affordable health insurance after service
• Network of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for social and career connections

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