Thursday, October 7, 2010

Facilitator and Peer Leader Pre-Service Training Completed!

Our Facilitator and Peer Leader team have been doing pre-service training for two weeks in preparation for the start of RAPP XXVI!  Wednesday evening marked the end of the formal training sessions.
Along with time spent building acquaintanceship with our team, we explored RAPP's history and current place in the University.  We explored our roles, our expectations within them, and our aspirations for how we want to perform.  We explored group development theory, the experiential learning cycle, and RAPP's current curriculum.  Finally, we built our team as a support network.
Four-fifths of the RAPP XXVI team celebrating the end of pre-service training!

We'll all continue training, learning, and growing throughout the year.  The "pre-service" part is complete - now the "in service" part begins!

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