Thursday, October 7, 2010

The "End of Tabling Season": Health & Wellness and Student Activities Fair Today

The "traditional" end to the season of informational tables at campus events was today: The 11th Annual Health & Wellness and Student Activities Fair.
We had an "odd in a good way" situation:  We promoted RAPP XXVII.
Just in case you, like most people, have trouble reading Roman numerals, let me reiterate what I said:  We promoted RAPP XXVII,  RAPP Twenty-SEVEN.  The group that starts next week is RAPP XXVI, RAPP Twenty-SIX.
Some years, this fair was our last chance at filling out the group.  With RAPP XXIII - under the awesome coordination of Un Kyong Ho - we ran into the problem that we had too many applicants to be able to take recruits at the fair.  My first year, with RAPP XXIV and suddenly 70 spots to fill, the fair returned to being our last chance to fill out the RAPP groups.  Last year and this year we were in the same sticky spots:  There really isn't room for any more RAPPlicants!   So, we gave out information on how to join RAPP next year.
Anyways, enough babbling, on to some photos!
Recruitment Leader & Peer Leader Jojo (XXIV) stopped by before helping several other groups promote themselves at the fair.

Kinsey (XXIII) and Jourdi (XXV) wonder where the display board went... Oh yeah, the wind took it!

Rachel (XXV) shows the answer to "Which group is the most awesome group at UC?"

Laura (XXV) showing how proud she is to be a RAPPer!

Tiffany (XXV) stopped by with a friend who's likely to be in XXVI!

I found a way to combine keeping the tablecloth on the table despite the gusts of wind with being sassy!

DeVorah (XXIV) brightened up our table with a visit!

Nloh (XXIV) came out to support RAPP and other organizations.

Chika (XXIV) proved that she's much more photogenic than the last picture made her look - and that she's tons of fun to table next to!  She did a great job representing UCASA!

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