Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commitment during Cold Times

We started winter quarter off with a pep talk about the challenges winter quarter presents. It's a tough time in many ways. Environmentally, it's dark out, it's cold and snowy, the weather's unpredictable but generally terrible. Groupwise, winter is when things get more uncomfortable. Avoidance of difference through politeness falls way to genuine and honest sharing of differences. The facilitation team turns the heat up with more demanding activities. The group usually hits some conflict.
Plus, there all of the other demands of life - school, family, work, and other commitments.
With that in mind, I want to take a minute to note folks who faced these challenges head on and still managed to be at every meeting this quarter:

Rachel Berman
Mahsino Blamoh
Amber Easterling
Simone Epperson
Craig Erickson
Courtney Fancher
Lauren Fink
Sarah Hejma
Jay Khan
Chelsea Korte
Meagan Lauer
Martha Maberry
Brice Mickey
Dy'Mand Montgomery
Calena Neal
Bridget Nickol
Wil Pierce
Danielle Thomas
Tiffany Thompson
Dion Webb
Maggie Yoder
Anum Zaheer

Many thanks are also due to our Peer Leaders, who've had strong attendance despite the many things they're involved in and that this is their second time around with the demanding RAPP Commitment:
Tad Miller
Nancy Paraskevopoulos
Krystal Smith
Kimmins Southard
DeVorah YisraEL
(pic - Dan B of RAPP XXIV receiving his perfect attendance certificate)

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