Sunday, April 29, 2012

Check out UC MainStreet Online!

UC MainStreet now has a Facebook page!  The goal is to use our Facebook page to engage and interact with the University Community. To do this, we want to open the Facebook conversation to the students and university departments and give you the ability to use our page as a means of communicating the details of your events on MainStreet. We encourage them to post videos, pictures, or any information on our page to enhance attendance and awareness of their event and organization.

It is as simple as three easy steps:
1)      Like our UC MainStreet Facebook page.
2)      Post details about your upcoming event on the page.
3)      After your event, share your experience with pictures, videos, or posts.

All events need to be approved by Conference & Event Services (CES) as well as scheduled on MainStreet, before they are permitted to post information on the Facebook page. If it is not approved, the post will be removed.  The event confirmation email from CES will serve as the approval. Please be sure to keep it clean!

Don’t forget to follow our UC MainStreet Twitter page too. Use @UCMainStreet and #UCMainStreet in your tweets!

Let’s help our UC community grow by sharing our experiences and events with others and by creating a place for everyone to come together and learn about all of the exciting programs offered right here on MainStreet.

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