Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RAPP Office Staff "Gotcha Covered" Certified

The UC Student Wellness Center offers the Gotcha Covered program to increase distribution of condoms on and around campus for UC students.

The RAPP Office in 669 Steger has become a busy place over the last few years - our Public Ally, facilitators, and interns keep the office open for students all throughout the week.

During business hours, students can get free condoms - along with a whole host of other health supplies and information - from the Student Wellness Center.  By getting certified, we're joining the team of trained distributors who can provide condoms and sexual health information "after hours."

If you're interested in becoming certified as a Gotcha Covered distributor, check out the Student Wellness Center's Outreach Initiatives page for information on training.  If you'd like great resources on sexual health and other important wellness issues, check out the Student Wellness Center online or in person at 675 Steger Student Life Center.

If it's outside business hours and you'd like condoms or basic information on STIs, STI prevention and birth control, STI testing, feel free to talk with Jojo, Marjorie, or Rebecca - we finished our certifications!

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