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Worldfest 2012 Calendar of Events

University of Cincinnati
Worldfest Week 2012
Calendar of Events
Worldfest Week: A Cultural Celebration and a UC Just Community Initiative
Friday April 20 – Sunday April 29

Thursday 4/19/12
Thursday, April 19, Muntz Hall Rm. 119, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Holocaust Remembrance Day        
“Stories From the Holocaust: Survivors and Liberators” is certain to revive memories and spawn sentiments.  A panel including four speakers, a Holocaust survivor, two children of survivors, and a U.S. Army Officer, who was a liberator & Nuremburg Trail attendee, will speak to our hearts and minds as they share personal experiences.  A Question & Answer session will follow.  Reception afterwards, 8:30-9:00, in the UCBA Library
Co-sponsors: UCBA College and The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education
Contact: Dr. Krista Sigler & Cynthia Bellinger-,    

Friday 4/20/2012
Ushindi Cookout, Sigma Sigma Commons, 5pm
Ushindi, which is Swahili for the word “victory,” is celebrated every spring by the African American Cultural and Resource Center (AACRC).  Ushindi acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments and achievements of current student leaders, participants in the Transitions program (a first-year experience program built on retention and graduation rates), and academic excellence through the Kujifunza celebration.   The Ushindi Cookout will be a fun-filled evening of food and outdoor games.  It is free and open to the public.
Contact: Ewaniki Moore Hawkins-

Monday 4/23/2012
Worldfest 2012 Kickoff (UCBA)! Courtyard, Commons, SAHB, 12:00-1:30   
 Welcome World Flag Display, Worldfest Kickoff Reception, Music of the World
Contact- Helen Kegler-
(More) Faces of RWC, Commons or Muntz Lobby, 12:00:-1:30           
(More) Digital images of RWC students, faculty, & staff, reflecting the UCBA family of cultures. 
Contact- Helen Kegler-

Peace Conference, Flory 140, 12:00-2:00                                  
The Impact of Social Media On Arab Spring and Beyond Sponsors- Dr. Grace Auyang, Professor, UCBA Behavioral Science  Dr. Stephen Sunderland, Professor, UC-CECH
Student Panelists- Aidan Javed, Demetrius Kinney, J. Bryan Boys, Shelley E. Pence, Angela Elder, Amanda Sterwerf, Amanda King, Sean Menke,  
Contact: Helen Kegler-

UCBA’s  Green Walk for Health , Campus Grounds, 11:30 -2: pm
Faculty and staff are invited to walk a mile staked off on campus grounds, for better health and to aid in  sustaining  the environment.
Sponsor- Lois Moore-

WorldFest Week Kickoff Celebration: Parade of Flags, Great Hall, 4pm
Come out to celebrate the official Worldfest Week Opening Ceremony!  Take pictures with the flag display, enjoy delightful music and entertainment from across the globe and indulge in Sweet treats from all around the world.
Contact: Nicole Ausmer-

Tuesday 4/24/2012
“Diversity Mentorship Launch”    11:30-1:00    Science & Allied Health Building 100
As a student do you sometimes wish that you had that special someone on campus from your culture or population to talk to and who could lend extra support?  Faculty and staff from diverse cultures will mentor students from similar cultures/populations through the Diversity Mentor Program.  Come to the launching of this new program to meet these unique faculty & staff volunteers, share your needs, concerns, and joys, while enjoying the tastes of an ethnic dish.
Contact: Helen Kegler-

Tacos on Tuesday, SSLC, noon
¡Bienvenidos! ¿Que tal?  ¡Buenos Días! ¡Hola! ¿Como estas?
Come celebrate the culture and cuisine of our Latino community during our annual Worldfest: Tacos on Tuesday. On behalf of Latinos En Accion and the Office of Ethnic Programs & Services, join us for a program dedicated to practicing your Spanish speaking skills while enjoying cuisines from our Latino community.
Free food will be catered by Taqueria Mercado and desserts from Panaderia La Mexicana.
Contact: Jason Sintic –

Worldfest Week Celebration of Reading, AACRC, 2:30pm
Do you remember your favorite book as a child? Did you escape to faraway lands through the pages of books? We are teaming up with College Mentors for Kids to celebrate reading and culture! **Invite Only**
Contact: Nicole Ausmer—

Pecha Kucha, TUC Cinema, 3pm
Do you Pecha Kucha? Do you even know how to pronounce it?! Pecha Kucha is a presentation style developed in Japan that focuses on sharing your topic succinctly and in a way that maintains the audience’s attention. This dynamic presentation style utilizes 20 slides and only allows each slide to be viewed for 20 seconds! Participants can tell their story without any extra fluff.  Come watch students share their study abroad story or international experience in this dynamic and fun presentation method!
 Contact: Frank J. Merendino – 

Africa: Culture and Mental Health on the Continent and in the Diaspora, AACRC, 6pm
The Counseling Center will host a panel discussion with professors from Africana Studies, African Americans in the Counseling Education Program, International Student Affairs and the AACRC Alumni on similarities and differences between the cultures and mental health needs of people of African descent on the continent of Africa, Africans studying aboard as international students, and the relationships between Africans born in Africa and those  born in the west, and how these differences and commonalities impact mental health. Refreshments will be provided.
Contact: Nzingha Dalila-

Wednesday 4/25/2012
Diversity Fair, Courtyard & Commons, 11:00am-1:30pm 
One highlight of the UCBA Worldfest is the Diversity Fair.  Student groups, staff, and faculty sponsor booths on a myriad of diversity-related topics for information, increased awareness, participation/activism, and fundraising.  Performers, who are UCBA faculty, staff, and students, set the atmosphere and pace for enjoyment, expanding our knowledge of diversity, and tasting culture cuisine.     
Contact: Helen Kegler                                          

Passport Day, Edwards Center, by appointment only
1-5pm in 3134 Edwards Center One (appointments required
Passport Day is a great event for anyone who needs a US Passport.  Passports are valid for 10 years and are now required for all international travel including Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.  You must apply in person for a US Passport and we will have passport officials on campus for Passport Day to make it more convenient for you to apply for a passport.  We will also cover the costs of your passport photos, making it more affordable.  Appointments will be from 1-5 on Tuesday April 26th and you must contact UC International to make an appointment at or 556-4278.  Passports cost $135 but you will need 2 separate checks or money orders for $25 and $110 each.  You will also need to bring your original birth certificate and driver’s license. 
Contact: Jill Reister-

Jobs/Careers for US & Foreign Nationals, Great Hall, 12pm-2pm
Your only Worldfest Week stop for Interesting Jobs & Career Opportunities in Global Companies!
Learn what US companies are hiring Foreign Nationals**What exciting career opportunities lie abroad? **Find out how globalization is affecting your job search in the US. **Network with global company recruiters—bring your resume—Test your knowledge of global facts—Win prizes and free foods!  
Sponsored by the Career Development Center
Contact: Julia Montier-Ball,

International Fashion Show, Great Hall, 6pm
Worldfest and the Office of Ethnic Programs and Services presents the Worldfest International Dance and Fashion Show! The focus of the program will be to unite different cultures from across the world through dance and fashion. UC students will showcase the diversity of UC through clothing and dance.  Come join us for this vibrant fashion show and international foods!             
Contact information: Xiao Yan (Catherine) Huang –

Thursday 4/26/2012
Reading Across Cultures Muntz Lobby, 11:30am-1:00pm 
Join us for a very unique experience featuring prose and poetry authored by writers of diverse cultures.  Faculty, staff, and students will share selections from books and poetry written by authors representing a variety of cultures.  Selections this year will focus on global social justice issues and will be read in English & other languages.  Also enjoy diversity trivia questions, prizes, and ethnic desserts.
Contact: Helen Kegler-                    

International Festival, McMicken Commons, 11am 
One of the highlights of Worldfest Week is the International Festival, coordinated by UC International.  A widely popular tradition, the outdoor festival features a variety of cultural displays and cuisine from student organizations and community groups.  The event also features spectacular cultural performances, as well as international merchandise.  It is our hope that the International Festival will entice you and open your mind to explore the different cultures that exist in our community.
 Contact: Jenni Kim at

International Tasting, Catskeller, 6pm
Hosted by Cavalier beer experts featuring beer from around the world paired with appetizers. Tickets will be available for purchase in advance at Catskeller and also the day of the event. Seating is limited to the first 50 tickets, must be 21 or over with a valid state or military ID to participate.

Line Dance Night, AACRC, 7pm 
Join the United Black Student Association as they host a night full of fun and line dancing! They will offer lessons and take you on a historical journey of how the popular dances became a part of the African American community!
Contact: Mica Thompson-
Friday 4/27/2012
Friday, April 27- Grand Finale!   Commons & Courtyard, 11:30am-1:30pm 
Our Courtyard Cookout Finale is sure to be full of fun as we kickback and enjoy the close of the UCBA Worldfest week.  There’ll be Basketball and Volleyball freeplay, Cornhole games, picnic food, and musical performances by the fantastic 2ND. WIND JAZZ & R&B BAND!
Contact: Helen Kegler-                     

The Worldfest Read In, TUC Atrium, 2pm 
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood—Author Satrapi Majane
Join us for a book discussion on Persepolis is the story of Satrapi's unforgettable childhood and coming of age within a large and loving family in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution; of the contradictions between private life and public life in a country plagued by political upheaval; of her high school years in Vienna facing the trials of adolescence far from her family; of her homecoming--both sweet and terrible; and, finally, of her self-imposed exile from her beloved homeland. It is the chronicle of a girlhood and adolescence at once outrageous and familiar, a young life entwined with the history of her country yet filled with the universal trials and joys of growing up.
Contact: Nicole Ausmer- 

Challah, It’s Shabbat Dinner! , Bearcat Pavilion, 7pm   
Challah it’s Shabbat is a celebration of Israel. Don’t worry about crossing any oceans; we will bring Israel to you! Come enjoy traditional Israeli food such as hummus, falafel, barekas, pita, and more! Learn what Shabbat is like and what customs and rituals are.               
Contact: Sarah Ganson!!

Saturday 4/28/2012
Holi Festival, Sigma Sigma Commons, 4pm 
Translated as the “Festival of Colors,” Holi is a traditional holiday celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs. It is a celebration of Radha’s love for the Lord Krishna (Hindu god). Radha applied colors to her skin to usher in the spring, a season of love, prosperity, and abundance. During this festival, we will be throwing powdered colors in the whole of the color spectrum symbolizing the colors of spring, bestowing love on the people. Students will perform various Bollywood dances while attendees enjoy a mix of Northern Indian cuisine. Come join us in this COLORFUL, FUN, and TASTY celebration. (Please wear white or used clothing.)
Contact: Xiao Yan (Catherine) Huang –

Sunday 4/29/2012
Taste of India, Great Hall, 2pm
Taste of India is a showcasing of Indian Culture, Music, Hand crafts, Arts and most importantly special cuisine. This event is being conducted by Association for India's Development (AID) University of Cincinnati Chapter every year since 2003 as a part of Worldfest and has been a flagship event of both Worldfest and AID.
We would like to have your support, presence and participation in this exciting and fun-filled event. In past years, we have had a thousand people attend Taste of India and enjoy a culturally enriching experience. Sample delectable Indian food FREE OF CHARGE! We have cultural performances showcasing different music and dance forms from across the length and breadth of India - Bhangra, Giddha, Rajasthani folk dance, Bollywood dance medleys, and hindustani and carnatic musical performances, among others. Booths would be on display showcasing decorative artworks such as Rangoli and Henna. Also on display would be Indian handicrafts and information related to tourism in India.
Contact: Srikara Viswanath--

An Evening of Delightful Indian Classical Music, Kresge Auditorium, 5pm   
The Society for Appreciation of Bharatiya Heritage and Arts (SABHA) proudly presents “An evening of delightful Indian Classical Music” by Smt. Nityashree Mahadevan, a world renowned carnatic vocal artist.
Contact: Sridharan Gopalakrishna -

**There will be a beautiful flag display in the TUC atrium 4/23/2012 -4/27/2012

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