Thursday, April 11, 2013

RAPP Lapel Pin Day - Thursday, April 18th!

RAPP Lapel Pin Day is a week away!

It's easy to participate in this, regardless whether you're on UC's campus that day or not.  Simply wear your RAPP lapel pin!

If you CAN come to Clifton campus, stop by the RAPP Office in 669 Steger Student Life Center.  We'll have a snacks, photo ops, and a RAPPfle (a RAPP raffle) between 10AM and 6PM.

If you can't, snap a picture of yourself with your lapel pin and post it on the RAPP Facebook fan page wall - we'll enter you in the RAPPfle when you do!

Need a RAPP lapel pin? Contact Rebecca at and/or stop by the RAPP Office!

RAPPfle winners will be announced here on the blog and contacted on Friday, April 19.


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