Thursday, July 2, 2009

RAPP 2.0

There have been many meetings lately for University leaders and non-profit group folk on engaging people through Web 2.0. I've had the fortune/misfortune to attend a couple of these. For the most part, they've boiled down to "so, there's this thing out there called Facebook..."

After fighting it internally for months, I'm finally doing this. RAPP's going to be more on-line than ever before. Seeing RAPPORT reconnect through Facebook really drove home the value of this - a big thank you is owed to Damon Heard of RAPP X for that!

Here are the ways RAPP being all Web 2.0 will play out:
  • This blog! Keep coming here for updates!

  • A Facebook Fan Page (coming soon - it's being built now and will be published next week)

  • Public calendar of RAPP and RAPPORT events - check it out on the bottom of this blog

Not much for now, but a good start. Please send your thoughts and ideas along!


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