Friday, September 25, 2009

An Amazing Find!

It seems that Jen, the Diversity Education Graduate Assistant this year, made an amazing discovery yesterday!

The RAPP Office has secret treasures buried throughout its many cracks, crevases, and shelves. Buried among that were some heretofore lost RAPP Scrapbooks. I'd heard about them from Kim McGinnis but hadn't seen one in person. What an amazing thing to go from having zero of to having three!

While I'm sad that the three folks whose scrapbooks we found no longer have theirs, I'm excited that we were able to get these pieces of RAPP history. I've just begun poring over them and already have learned some valuable things - to start with, the names of the people who went through RAPP that year!

If you see YOUR RAPP scrapbook among these three, please contact me and we'll get it home to you (hope you don't mind if we make copies first, though!).

(pic-the RAPP IX, XII, and XIV scrapbooks unearthed yesterday)

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