Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Movies! Movies! Movies! Introducing Film Fridays!

Between RAPP and Diversity Education, we have a decent library of thought-provoking films. We've got documentaries and feature films on a wide variety of subjects, from everyday life experiences in different cultures to exposes on business practices to TV shows about people's life experiences.

Those who know me know I'm very hesistant to show films during RAPP meetings because of the time investment of watching a whole film. Despite this, I find movies to be powerful tools for generating discussion (which is why I bend and show them at retreats :) ).

Wanting to not allow our resources to just gather dust and wanting also to capitalize on the power of film, this year I'm starting a semi-regular series I quaintly call Film Friday.

This is an intentionally low-key programming series and won't be heavily advertised. To stay in line with copyright issues, I won't be promoting on-line or by posters which film we will show - but I'm happy to say the topic area and confident in saying that the film'll be awesome!

Join us this Friday, September 25th, from 1-3PM in the 6th floor open space of Steger Student Life Center. We'll be watching a documentary on healthcare issues in the US. Discussion to follow and popcorn available throughout!
(pic - RAPP I enjoying a movie at their retreat)

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