Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blowin' Up Your Inbox

During recruitment, we've typically sent emails out over a handful of listservs. This year, I'm striving to hit a lot of different group's listservs to help spread the word about RAPP and how to join it.

I'll be spending the next two days emailing student leaders of registered UC student groups related to culture, social justice, and politics. I'm also contacting different offices and colleges trying to get sent through their listservs.

If you are on a listserv and would like to let folks in the group know about RAPP, please do so! Below is the general information I'm trying to send out by email:

RAPP – the Racial Awareness Program – is a long-running social justice program at our University. People who’ve been through our program describe it as mind-opening, real, intense, and life-changing. We’re currently entering our 24th year and are looking for our next amazing group of students. Now’s your chance to get involved!


Our membership is as diverse as the University – we have students with majors in all UC colleges and in the Center for Access and Transition. Our students come from all academic classes, from first-year to “7th year senior”, and include graduate students and non-traditional students. We’re diverse along many lines of social identity, including gender, race, sexuality, socioeconomic class, and more. The only requirement is to be a currently enrolled UC student - students from UC branch campuses are also welcome!


RAPP is a nine-month program where we challenge, debate, and educate each other on issues of social justice. From the beginning we’ve been founded on the philosophy of Each One Teach One - we all have something to learn from each other as well as to teach each other. Using our life experience as an important form of knowledge, we explore our experiences of race, culture, gender, socioeconomic class, sexuality, religion, and other areas of identity.

In the nine-month RAPP experience, each group meets four times each quarter and has an overnight retreat each quarter. This year’s schedule can be found on-line athttp://www.uc.edu/sald/diversity/RAPP_XXV_schedule.html.

How much…

RAPP is free for all members! The program is fully paid for by the University so there’s no financial cost for you to participate.

How to join…

We are accepting applications to join RAPP through October 3rd. To begin applying, simply contact me
atlehmanrl@uc.edu or 513.556.6119. I’ll send you more information on the program and a written application. After completing your written application, you also participate an in-person interview.

How to help…

Spread the word! Participating in RAPP helps students continue building skills to better communicate with people about the issues they’re passionate about as well as build better awareness and ability to be an ally to other oppressed groups. RAPP is also great opportunity to make more friends, build more connections at UC, and strengthen your leadership skills.

If you’re able, join our group! Whether you can or not, please help us spread the word about the opportunity to join RAPP. I’m always happy to come to groups and classrooms to talk about RAPP and other opportunities to get involved on campus.

How to learn more…

Check out our website:

Fan us on Facebook: Search “Racial Awareness Program”

Follow our Blog:

Contact our Coordinator: Rebecca Lehman,
lehmanrl@uc.edu, 513.556.6119

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