Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Growing, Awesome Team

We've got two outstandingly talented facilitators hired - Sarvani & Tara. Now we're getting into place our RAPPORT Peer Leaders. We've got three for sure, one possibly, and have room for one or two more.

Introducing the line-up so far:

Tad Miller
Nancy Paraskevopoulos
DeVorah YisraEL

Tad was a member of the RAPP XXIV Sunday group. He was known for his openness to being challenged, genuine engagement, and his humor. Tad is also an RA on campus in Calhoun Hall.

Nancy was a member of the RAPP XXIV Wednesday group and was recognized with the 2009 Terrence L Jones Diversity Award. She was known for her passion, her background and work in activism, and her verbal eloquence. She was active in many student groups on campus and helped organize the Midwest CANference last spring.

DeVorah was a member of the RAPP XXIV Wednesday group and participated as a first-year student. She was known for her powerful questions, her self-awareness, and her critical thinking. She is a 2nd-year student at UC studying Communications and Spanish.

I'm excited for our amazing team this year and can't wait to see the great work these folks do!
(pics-from Spring and Winter RAPP Retreats)

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