Friday, September 4, 2009

An Honorable Connection

When I came to UC I participated in the University Honors Program (though it had a different name then). The program gave me not only a challenging courseload, but great opportunities for leadership development and community service.

Several Honors students have been strong members of RAPP in the years I've been with it. I recently connected with the Honors Program staff and we now have an exciting partnership!

Students in the Honors Program can now receive recognition for their participation in RAPP as one of the six honors experiences they have to complete to be a recognized graduate of the progam. Honors is a program where all of their activities are committed to demonstrating community engagement, global studies, leadership, research and creative arts - looking at those, to me, demonstrates why our connection makes sense.

Connections like these are, I think, a great reflection on the new curriculum of RAPP and will help us down the long path to having a credit-bearing option. If you are involved in or know of other academic programs we could collaborate with, please don't hesitate to contact me!

(pic - Erin A, an Honors student who was in RAPP XXIV)

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