Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grill Out!

The RAPP XXV Social Committee put on its first program yesterday - with amazing attendance and rampant fun!

RAPP XXV members Danielle Thomas, Andrea Tinsley, Laura Plikerd, Bobby Filbin, and Kelly Crotty organized the event for current RAPPers and RAPPORT members. The weather was beautiful and the "Grill Master" filled bellies with yummy food.

Some snapshots of the evening (click on the image to see it larger):

RAPPers and RAPPORT folk mingling & waiting for grill food.

Grill Master Danielle made cooking a successful team effort (and didn't burn off her eyebrows)! (l-r: Wil, Danielle, Brice, Bethel)

Folks hanging out (l-r: Mahsino, Kimmins, Luke, Meagan, Lane)

Apples to Apples fun (l-r: Jourdi, Wil, Anum, Kimmins, Luke, "game starter" Jojo)

Daniel and Jourdi found a way to have a back rest on a picnic table.

Lane and Maggie take a moment to enjoy the swings.

I distracted Ivy from the rousing game of frisbee.

RAPP welcomes everyone! - even Jenn's dog Blake.

Jenn and Mahsino enjoy some social time.

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