Monday, April 12, 2010

Rapping at the Diversity Conference

If you have the good fortune of attending the UC Diversity Conference this Wednesday, be sure to check out all the RAPP in action!
This year's conference's theme is "Diversity & Inclusion: Leadership Imperatives for Excellence" and will feature Marvin Lewis and Dr. Lee Gardenswartz as keynote speakers.
There are several RAPP folk leading concurrent sessions:
Kim McGinnis & Valerie Lewis will present "Inclusion: Integrating Privilege Awareness into Personal and Institutional Spheres" 9:45-11:00AM
Rebecca Lehman will co-present with "Friend of RAPP" Maggy Fogler "Socioeconomic Class & Higher Education: Issues and Engagement" 9:45-11:00AM
Kim & Valerie will present "Emotional Inclusion: Integrating Privilege Awareness" 11:15-12:30AM
Rebecca will present "Personalizing Social Justice through Experiential Learning" 1:45-3:00

Word on the street is that some RAPP folk may be up for some awards during the 3:00 award ceremony. You should come just to find out if they're successful!

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