Friday, April 23, 2010

RAPP XXV Spring Retreat Tomorrow!

Tomorrow through Sunday will be exciting and exhausting times here in RAPPland! This weekend we have our third and final retreat for RAPP XXV - the joint spring retreat!
Both the Tuesday and the Wednesday groups will come together for explorations of issues related to gender and sexual orientation. They'll also gnosh on delicious food from local restaurants and lose a lot of sleep to hang out and get acquainted instead.
The staff of Calhoun Hall have been gracious enough to grant us the 13th floor for the retreat. Along with our regular hard-working team of Peer Leaders and facilitators we'll have two extra RAPPORT members helping out for the weekend (Jojo of RAPP XXIV and Kinsey of RAPP XXIII (who was also a Peer Leader for RAPP XXIV)).
Above is one of my favorite pictures from last year's spring retreat, taken by photographer extraordinaire Mia (who's also my RAPPmate, woot woot RAPP XXII!). Mia will be taking our group photos again this year. Given how outstanding they were last year I'm excited to see this year's results - I know she'll put her creative juices to work again for a unique and stunning set of photos!

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