Thursday, April 29, 2010

Red & Black Photo Contest

From our friends at the Student Alumni Council:
Greetings fellow Bearcats!
With spring quarter well underway, members of the Student Alumni Council (SAC) are hard at work on the next edition of The Red & Black Book. Originally published in 2007, The Red & Black Book is a spirit and traditions guide for incoming freshmen to become better acclimated with campus and more familiar with the university. Distributed at convocation and other Welcome-Week events, this book makes it into the hands of a good portion of the student body and UC community, and with the largest expected freshmen class-this number is ever growing!
This year’s edition of The Red & Black Book is promised to be one of the best and SAC would like your help! We are implementing a photo contest that will allow your student organization to submit their best photos from events your organizations held this year. Whether it’s a photo from an event on-campus, service/philanthropy program, or a composite/group photo-we are looking for fun and exciting pictures of students exemplifying Bearcat spirit and pride!
Please submit all photos on behalf of your organization to
**Photos must be sent as an attached document in .JPG format and cannot have been taken off the internet** All submissions must be sent in by May 26, 2010 to be considered for use in the book.
Winners will have their student organization’s photo(s) published in The Red & Black Book in a section of the book correlating to the organization's area of involvement on campus. If selected, your organization will be notified over summer quarter prior to distribution of the book.
For questions or concerns, please contact our photo editor, Deon Cromwell at
Is your picture is Red & Black worthy? If so, enter the contest.
-The Red & Black team: Student Alumni Council

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