Thursday, April 15, 2010

Linda Bates Parker, Tad Miller Recognized

During yesterday's 2nd annual UC Diversity Conference, RAPP founder Linda Bates Parker and RAPP XXIV member & RAPP XXV Peer Leader Tad Miller were recognized with the Marian Spencer Diversity Ambassador Award.

From the conference program:
In recognition of the longstanding contributions by UC alumna and activist, Marian Spencer, the UC Diversity Council sponsores the Marian Spencer Diversity Ambassador Award to showcase current campus affiliated individuals and groups whose diversity initiatives have positively impacted the university. Students, faculty, and staff can nominate individuals & groups for this award if they meet one or more of the following criteria: shows an awareness for diversity, exhibits sensitivity to people of various cultures, evidence of helping colleagues/peers grow in the area of diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, socioeconomic level, etc.), and prepares others to thrive in a diverse global workforce.

Linda Bates Parker
Former Director, Career Development Center
Nominated by Velta Kelly-Foster, EdD

Linda Bates Parker's husband and daughter accept the award on her behalf from Dean Bilionis.

Linda was dedicated to the field of diversity for many years. She led the early pioneering of diversity initiatives for the University of Cincinnati. She served on numerous diversity panels to discuss diversity issues, both community and statewide. Her expertise in diversity teaching and training cannot be overestimated. The development of her "Managing Diversity in the Workplace" course, reflected her skills and years of experience in addressing diverse learning styles through excellent classroom teaching and experiential learning activities.
In 2007 Linda created and designed the first region-wide Diversity Recruiting Training Institute. The institute focused on the development of skills, insights, and strategies for hiring and retaining a productive multi-ethnic/multi-racial/multi-cultural/multi-generational, and differently-abled workforce. This Institute was just one of many projectst that supported students, by educating our employers on the "best practices" to recruit and retain our talented and diverse UC students. In the community, her leadership of Black Career Women, addressing issues of women in the workforce, attracted women both locally and nationally.
Linda's effective and inclusive leadership style and her passion and spirit for the field of diversity earned her great respect in a profession where she continued to make remarkable and original contributions. Pothumously, we are proud to award the Diversity Ambassador Award to the life and legacy of Linda Bates Parker.

Tad Miller
Senior majoring in Communication
Tad with his award after the conference.

Tad Miller, a senior within the College of McMicken Arts and Sciences' Communication program, is currently an RA in the Office of Resident Education and Development and also serves as a Peer Leader in hte Racial Awareness Program (RAPP). While serving in these capacities, he has demonstrated an awareness of and commitment to multiculturalism, creating an inclusive and supportive environment for a diverse group of students. Despite his busy schedule as an RA, he serves as a mentor to current members [of RAPP] and develops facilitation skills in social justice education. He is know as the "go-to-guy" for many residents on campus and members of RAPP. These students know that Tad will listen to them with an open mind and try to help thme find their own solutions to problems, rather than telling them what to do. While serving as an RA, a peer leader, and outstanding UC student, Tad has not only personally committed himself to being a better leader, but committed himself to helping others become dedicated players in the creation of a just and caring community.

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