Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snapshots from Spring Retreat

Some snapshots from the joint RAPP XXV Spring Retreat! The weekend was a productive one full of new friends and thought-provoking conversation. We enjoyed the view from Calhoun Hall's 13th floor and got stuffed on meals from Coffee Emporium, Bagel Brothers, and Habañero.

The snack table pre-retreat -- while the food did make it through the night, it did so just barely. Hungry, hungry RAPPers! :)
Great smiles from XXVers Angelica, Danielle, Ivy, Chelsea, and Jazz!

On Saturday night the group watched excerpts from the Sundance Channel series TransGeneration.

Like some of the people in TransGeneration, we wrote coming out letters. Jay took a break from writing to say hi!

Jotalé and Jessica work on their letters.

I promised Jay I'd post this picture of us looking tough.

Craig and Ricardo kick off the overnight free socializing time with some hearty laughs. What are they laughing at?

I believe it was this comedy routine by RAPPORT member Jojo and RAPP XXVer Jotalé.

Morning discussion on sexuality. This group included (clockwise from left) Chelsea, Ivy, Courtney F, Bethel, and Tiffany.

Another morning-time discussion group: Angelica, Trisha, Bridnee, Jazz, and Simón.
Tired RAPPers just woken from a lunchtime nap. From left, Alyssa, Lauren, Lane, & Tiffany.

Many, many, countless thanks to all the RAPP XXV members who made this retreat what it was. Thanks also to our RAPPORT volunteers Kinsey & Jojo for their help throughout the retreat. Much gratitude is owed to our photographer Mia for creative and beautiful group photo taking. Our Peer Leaders - Tad, Krystal, DeVorah, and Kimmins - were also indispensible in making this retreat run smoothly. Finally, thanks to our amazing facilitators Sarvani and Tara for putting together a great retreat outline that helped our groups come together in meaningful ways.

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