Saturday, April 30, 2011

Register Now for the RAPP 25 Year Reunion! - "Reunion by the Numbers"

To be able to order the right amount of food & drinks and to get the right amount of gifts for participants, we've been asking everyone to register for the reunion by May 1st (though we can get by with by Monday morning, the 2nd).

Registration is easy - and free for most!  Simply go to and complete the forms there.  It takes many only two minutes to complete!

For inspiration to register if you haven't already, the reunion "by the numbers":

600 Estimated number of RAPPers
250 Estimated RAPPers we've reached
49  RAPPers registered [for the reunion] on Friday [today]

15  Years since the last reunion
16  Months the committee's been planning the 25 Year Reunion

18  Volunteers working the reunion
45  Minutes the campus tour lasts

3   Hours the party lasts
∞  How long the memories last!

The 25 Year Reunion - It's kind of a big deal.

Register now!

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