Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why We Need Your Help Promoting the Reunion

The graphic above demonstrates a point I've been recently encouraged to share broadly in our RAPP community.

I estimate that approximately 600 people have completed the RAPP year experience.  By mail, we've only been able to find 216 of these people.  We likely are reaching a few more by email and Facebook, but the only hard number I have is those 216 by mail.

When I came into the RAPP Program Coordinator position, I made the unfortunate discovery that we didn't have a record of who had completed RAPP.  No one around at that time was able to pinpoint why and it really doesn't matter why - what mattered was starting to gather that information.

I've been hard at work since November 2008 compiling names.  Countless individuals have helped in that process.  Dr. Abercrumbie, Bleuzette Marshall, Kimberley McGinnis - to name a few - sat down with photos and try to reconstruct groups.  The community on Facebook doubled our list of names by tagging RAPPmates and friends.  A dozen RAPPers have answered the pleas on our history site to contact us with names. Robin Selzer and the staff of the Alumni Association and UC Foundation assisted in finding people through UC records.  Plus, I've kept detailed records of everyone since my RAPP year of RAPP XXII.

All of that, and we've found just over a third of who we think we're looking for.

For that reason, if you're a RAPPer and are in contact with any of your RAPPmates - please take a few minutes to check in to make sure they know about the upcoming reunion!

If you have a few more minutes, head over to our history page and check out your RAPP group.  Who are we missing?

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