Friday, May 27, 2011

RAPP XXVI: Recognizing Commitment

RAPP XXVI has officially drawn to an end.  There will still be much to report on here as we wrap up the academic year, take time to breathe and reflect, and pour through data.  In the meantime, I want to take time to recognize some members that stood out this year for their commitment!
Each year a member of each RAPP group is recognized with the Terrence L Jones Diversity Award.  In recent years, we have involved members of the groups in the selection process.

We ask them to nominate RAPPmates for the award based on their commitment to the program,  their genuine contribution to the process, and their continual encouragement of their peer's development.  Selecting this year's winners was easy because they were each overwhelmingly selected by their groups!

Toni Brock was selected for recognition by the Tuesday RAPP group.  Charlene Monroe was selected by the Wednesday one.  Both have been outstanding in their commitment to RAPP and their genuine demonstration of the power of each one teach one.

Congratulations & gratitude to both!

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