Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snapshots from RAPP XXVI Spring Retreat

This past weekend was the final retreat for RAPP XXVI.  It was an exciting one as we brought together both halves for one joint retreat that explored issues around sexuality and sexual orientation.  We spent the retreat on the 13th floor of Calhoun Hall and enjoyed meals from Venice on Vine, Bagel Brothers, and Melt Eclectic Deli.

Some snapshots of our group from the weekend:
Elsa, Rachel, Andrew, Kyle, Rod, Adolphe, Allison, and Chris discuss advice they gave themselves at winter retreat.
Shy & Kaila share their group's wisdom with the rest of RAPP XXVI
Ali & Brice are old friend reunited through RAPP!
Kyle, Andrew, Jay, Jasmine, and Alexis try their hand at "Guess My Sexual Orientation"
Jennifer & Jas:  Separate groups, same love of purple!  RAPP Retreat Buddies!
Siva & Ali:  Another happy pair of RAPP Retreat Buddies!
Dan & Matt:  RAPP Retreat Buddies at work!
The group kept their spirits up despite the long hours and challenging topics!
Jojo & the unofficial retreat mascot - Justin Beaver
Thanks to the many RAPPers who made the retreat amazing!  Thanks also to Proforma Albrecht for our great RAPP XXVI shirts!

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