Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Registration Still Open for RAPP 25 Year Reunion

Our initial push for registration was to be able to order accurate food and gifts. We anticipated there being lots of registrations after that, so even if you haven't registered yet, you're still welcome and invited to the reunion.

In the hopes of stirring up some competition, I've put together a chart of registrations thus far by group year:
As you can see, the two most recent years are our biggest group of registrants (probably due to the near-constant nature of the reminders to register they've been getting for a month).

Earlier years - let's get our registrations up!  This party is a great opportunity for recent RAPP graduates to celebrate, but it's an even bigger one for all of us who've been out of RAPP for a while to reconnect and to share with "the noobs" what RAPP was like "in our day."

Registration is still up:  Simply go to www.regonline.com/RAPP!

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