Thursday, May 12, 2011

Snapshots from RAPP/RAPPORT Spring Service Day

This past weekend RAPP & RAPPORT students participated in a service day working with Cincinnati Public Allies and Cincinnati Union Bethel.  We spent the morning working with Team Sidetrack on the completion of the natural playground they've spent the year planning and building at CUB's Head Start facility in Winton Terrace.
Many of the volunteer team rode down in a van provided by RAPP.
Our group worked on several projects - prepping a "creek" bed, installing bridges, building structures to play in, and cleaning dangerous items out of donated dirt.
RAPP intern Mel (XXVI) posed by a playground element.
At the end of the morning our team posed with some of the Public Allies for a group shot - check out the fun playgrounds!  In the end, the traditional playground will connect with the natural one.
Thanks to Kinsey (XXIII) for organizing the service day and to Matthew (XXVI), Julia (XXVI), Amber (XXV), Sara (XXVI), Kaila (XXVI), Anum (XXV), Rebecca (XXII), Amber (XXV), Mel (XXVI), and Chris for spending the morning on this fun project!

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