Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Growing List: Reunion Increased RAPP Participant List

Over the next few weeks, we'll be highlighting outcomes of the RAPP 25 Year Reunion that was held this past weekend as a part UC Alumni Weekend.

Many people helped us achieve this first one.  As described previously, RAPP is still on a long road to finding previous participants of the program.  This weekend, we made some great strides toward eventually having a complete list!

Photos of all the previous RAPP groups were on display at the reunion and a list of the names of folks we know so far was included with the photos.  We asked for RAPPers to take a few minutes to help us continue building the list.

RAPPers from groups I-X really answered that call!  They generously took time out of their partying & mingling to add to the list.  In total, we now know the names and/or RAPP years of 39 more people than we did before!  That's an almost 10% increase!

The updated information can be found on the RAPP History page in the RAPP university website.  As this is a continuing project, any RAPPer can help at any time by checking the site out and contacting us with corrections and updates!

A snapshot of RAPPers from groups I through X at the reunion

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