Monday, July 18, 2011

International Student Voice Seeking Student Submissions

International Student Voice:  There is nothing more impactful than someone’s personal story, especially when you hear it first-hand. A kind of story that inspires you, creates goosebumps on your skin and gives you that motivation to keep trying. This is your opportunity to share your story and inspire your peers!
International Student Voice (ISV) is an online magazine established to put students first and to have their voices heard. Students submit first-person narratives about their own experiences and that is exactly what gets published.

ISV is open to publishing a variety of stories, some examples include:

Student Success/Challenges –
  First-person narratives written by students so readers get a up front glimpse into the life of an international/study abroad student.

Leading the Way –
Students feature a university or college program/activity proven to contribute to the overall success of international and study abroad students.

World View –
Students write about the world around them by sharing perspectives on current events.
ISV is that perfect and simple tool in which students can learn from each other! Students also learn crucial information for daily life while at the same time ISV helps them grow into global citizens. Even more, this is a powerful way for universities and colleges to build, reinforce or enhance their status as an internationalized campus. Imagine one of your students published in ISV magazine!

So how does a student submit an article or how do you submit a nomination? It’s simple: just send me an e-mail at! Full details on submission guidelines can be found at our website .

ISV wants to enhance the celebration of the first publication by offering a FREE iPad2 to one lucky student! To qualify a student must submit a story and also like our Facebook page. It’s that easy!

The first issue of ISV will be published online in October 2011, so you can say you were the first one featured in this innovative magazine. There is absolutely no cost to access ISV, so anyone in reach of a computer can read these amazing articles written by students.

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