Monday, July 25, 2011

Study in Ghana - December 2011

From UC International:

Study in Ghana – Course offered 11A; visit Ghana in December!

Women, Population and Development - fall 2011 honors seminar with study tour to Ghana.
15AFST300H, 11A, Wednesdays, 3:00-5:20pm; Instructor – Dr. Carolette Norwood

This seminar will meet weekly during fall quarter and culminate in a required study tour to Ghana in December. The seminar will raise critical questions about western assumptions of the perils of population expansion in developing societies. In doing so, we will explore the political and economic underpinnings of population policies and their consequences for women in poor countries. It will largely focus on women and developing societies with particular emphasis on Africa. It will provide a historical overview of theories that link population to development and/or poverty. We will begin the course with theories of development and/or underdevelopment and conclude with discussions of current theoretical applications that explicitly integrate women, population and development into a single dialogue.

The seminar will also expose students to the practice of development by giving them a real life perspective on development issues facing women in developing countries. In doing so, we will engage in a study tour to Accra, Ghana in December 2011 to visit with and learn about the work and research of NGOs in this field. While in Ghana, the group will likely work with the Ark Foundation. Participation in the study tour is required.

Students who are not in the University Honors Program are welcome to participate! Students must have a cumulative university GPA of 3.4 or above and submit a successful application. All participants will be provided with a $1000 grant to offset costs.

Application required. Learn more about the course, costs, and access the application at

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