Thursday, July 7, 2011

RAPP Reunion Photos: Highlighting Volunteers

The RAPP 25 Year Reunion, celebrated on May 14th, was made possible through the hard work of a dedicated team of volunteers.

Some served for up to fifteen months on the planning committee, which began working in February 2010.  The committee included:  Kimberly McGinnis Bonner (VIII), Robin Selzer (UC Alumni Association), Mel Davis (XXVI), Bobby Filbin (XXV), Danielle Thomas (XXV), and Stacy Randle (XXVI).  This team worked to connect with all the RAPPers we could find and to put together the evening's activities.

The evening's activities were conducted by a great team of capable, flexible volunteers, some of whom are pictured below.

Jessica Roberts (XXIV) and Dr. Nicole Ausmer (SALD) planned and led the pre-party campus tour.
Terri Hurdle (SALD), Nicole Mayo (SALD), Robin Selzer, and Kaila Noland (XXVI) prepared the room, rearranging furniture and creating & placing decorations.
Catalina Florea (XXVI), Siva Nagi Reddy Inturi (XXVI), Robin Selzer, Matthew Woodruff (XXVI), and Kaila Noland staffed the registration table throughout the evening, getting everyone checked in and distributing gift bags.
Mel Davis (XXVI), Stacy Randle, and Kinsey Brown (XXIII) all staffed the food table, helping set up the food as it was delivered and keep the table organized throughout the night.  Mel also coordinated the ordering of food and labeling system.
Bobby Filbin was our A/V guru - making the playlist and running the sound and video equipment all night long.
David Taylor (XXVI) and Chris Flowers (volunteer) staffed the bar all evening, distributing free non-alcoholic drinks as well as running the cash bar that fund-raised for the Linda Bates Parker Scholarship Fund.

Many thanks to our dedicated team!  Thank you for making it possible for twenty-five years of RAPPers to connect!
Mel & Stacy working hard to get the food ready!

Siva & Catalina smile during a pause in registrations.

Mel checks in with Bobby, our AV superstar!

Jessica taking RAPPers around campus during the pre-party tour.

Nicole giving cheerful instructions during the pre-party campus tour!

David & Chris at the drink station/bar.

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