Thursday, July 21, 2011

RAPP XXVII Interviews Underway - Sign Up for Yours Now!

For RAPP XXVII, we're planning to offer 80-85 interviews for 70 spots in the two RAPP groups.  This afternoon, we completed the third!

Interviews are the final step in the RAPP application process - often endearingly called the RAPPlication process.

We accept applications for RAPP XXVII through Friday, September 30th and offer interviews through Thursday, October 6th.  So fear not if you're considering applying for RAPP or are waiting to do your interview - you've haven't missed anything!

Whether you've done RAPP before or not, you can help us spread the word!  Our recruitment team is growing and starting to gear up for some amazing promotional activities!

Finally, a big thank you to the folks who've already helped with interviews!  Sara (XXVI), Brice (XXV), and Jojo (XXIV) are great at them already!

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