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UC'c Career Development Center Annual Diversity Recruitment Training Institute - July 29th!

Career Development Center

Diversity Recruitment Training Institute (DRTI)

  Defining Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization

Creating Sustainable Recruitment and Retention Initiatives

July 29, 2011
Hyatt Regency Downtown
Cincinnati, Ohio

A Program to Power Your Diversity Hiring
and Retention Efforts


Why this institute?

►      The U.S. population is becoming increasingly diverse. Progressive organizations are expanding networks and crafting strategies to identify and recruit diverse college graduates to lead change, increase innovation and expand consumer markets. Colleges and universities are also expanding their marketing efforts to attract and graduate more diverse students, to meet employer hiring needs.
►      Dialogue and feedback from employers and students informs us of the continuing need for up-to-date resources to create a workforce that acknowledges, leverages and celebrates diversity. Diversity recruiting today is not just about race, ethnicity and gender; it is now about total inclusion which also embraces those who are physically challenged and those with special needs/abilities and alternative lifestyles.
►      The newly designed Diversity Recruitment Training Institute (DRTI) confirmed the continuing importance of such training for diversity stakeholders at every level in the organization, including executives, managers, HR and Diversity Practitioners, Marketing and Sales staff and others.   Our DRTI Employer Planning Group, and our DRTI participants have urged its continuance as they, adopt more inclusive strategies to accommodate local, national and global diversity.  Today, it is quite simply accepted business doctrine to have a workforce that is clearly representative of your consumer base.
►      The Diversity Recruitment Training Institute is a one-day, intensive information and training event, offering knowledgeable speakers, interactive discussions, and unique opportunities for networking. Participants will leave with new information, insights and strategies for recruitment and retention of an expanded pool of diverse talent. Participants will hear from experts on the college student pipeline and building brand equity among diverse consumers; on collaborative opportunities with the colleges; on best practices from employers; on the recruiting experiences of diverse students/recent grads and on strengthening the college recruiting experience from career center professionals. The institute is a combination of essential workshops and an invaluable take-away resource -- our highly acclaimed DRTI Resource/Fact Book.
►      The Goal of the DRTI is to provide 21st century insights and “best practices”  for  employers and other diversity practitioners to identify, attract and build relationships with diverse college students from freshman year on leading to successful diversity recruiting and retention outcomes.


In 1989-1999, the University of Cincinnati Career Development Center presented its first Minority Recruitment Training Institute (MRTI). For more than ten years, that institute attracted employers representing a broad spectrum of career areas and provided cutting edge information and strategies for employers interested in the recruitment and retention of multi-ethnic employees. Those employers recognized early on that diversity in the workforce had real benefits to productivity, quality, innovation and the bottom line.

In 2007, UC’s Career Development Center reinstituted this program because we recognized that the need for such training continues to exist, but the focus and the strategies needed to change. Today, progressive employers have made the search for diverse talent more competitive than ever. Recruiters and others engaged in the hiring process must now develop new skills, insights and strategies for hiring and retaining a productive multi-ethnic/multi-racial/multi-cultural/multi-gendered/multigenerational workforce. We have redesigned, reinstituted and refocused our attention to update employers and colleges on the most effective diversity recruiting efforts. With the insights gained and in collaboration with a select Employer Planning Group, we invite you to
Plan now to join us for this exciting event!

 The University of Cincinnati Career Development Center
The University of Cincinnati Career Development Center (CDC) has a long history of providing support to meet employer recruiting interests by presenting numerous presentations on diversity recruiting at regional and national professional association meetings. CDC is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) and is highly sought after by corporations to consult on their college recruiting strategies.
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