Monday, July 11, 2011

RAPP XXVII Recruitment Going Strong!

Today was an exciting time in the RAPP Office:  We had our first interview for RAPP XXVII!

Summer is a busy time readying for and finding the next group.  We're still actively seeking applicants for RAPP XXVII, the 2011-12 class of our 9-month program.

Our recruitment team is growing and getting projects together.  Interest is steadily growing.  More and more applications are coming in each day.

Thanks to all our volunteers today, the exciting day of the first official interview!  Thanks to Sara S-H (XXVI) for helping prepare interview folders and conducting the interview.  Thanks to Brice (XXV) for conducting the interview and staffing the info table.  Thanks to Jojo (XXIV) for staffing the interview table even though he was on his way to a job interview!

If you know someone interested in joining RAPP, please send them to our website!  There they can find information, the 2011-12 schedule, and my contact information for any questions they may have.

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