Monday, July 25, 2011

Reasons to Join RAPP #1: Cost Benefit Analysis

This is the first post in a series that will connect with videos made for finding RAPP XXVII, the 2011-12 class of the Racial Awareness Program.

Cost Benefit Analysis:

Participating in RAPP requires participating in four three-hour meetings and one overnight retreat a quarter for one academic year and completing short tasks between meetings.

If we err on the overestimate that a participant would spend 30 minutes on the between-sessions activities and add in all 24 hours that folks are away on retreat (only 9 of these spent in session), that means that RAPP requires a commitment of 118 hours.  Over the 34 weeks in which RAPP is in session, this averages out to just under three and a half hours per week.

So, what do you get for those 3.5 hours a week investment?

  • Enhanced leadership skills - particularly skills that fall under inclusive leadership
  • Enhanced communication skills - particularly skills that fall under intercultural communication
  • Enhanced self-awareness - particularly around social identities
  • Valuable intercultural experience - future employers and educational opportunities prefer candidates who demonstrate global awareness and experience
  • Stronger critical thinking skills - exploring concepts as complex as oppression build your brain muscles
  • A Bearcat family, a home away from home - friendships built in RAPP tend to be unique in that you've explored engaging but taboo topics, that you've worked positively through disagreements, and that you've developed a fuller understanding of each other between and among differences
Is all of this worth 3.5 hours a week to you?

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