Friday, November 4, 2011

By the Time You Read This, Fall Retreats Have Started!

The two RAPP XXVII groups have started their RAPP journey, having already participated in two meetings.  This weekend marks what many consider to be the full immersion into the RAPP process: Fall retreat!

Since we have two groups - one that meets on Tuesday and one that meets on Wednesday - we have two back-to-back retreats.  The Tuesday group will be retreating Friday-Saturday and the Wednesday group Saturday-Sunday.

This year's fall retreats will take place at YMCA Camp Ernst.  We're looking forward to seeing how this new-to-RAPP space works out!

One of the "traditions" of retreat prep is snack shopping.  Marjorie and I ventured out on Wednesday to Kroger and fill two cartfuls of snacks and drinks that supplement the meals provided by the retreat center.  

Many thanks to Marjorie's family's food business Marvelous Munchies for letting us use their food truck to store all our goodies until retreat time!

About 90% of the snacks and drinks sorted and bagged.  Seriously, this picture doesn't do the volume of food justice!

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