Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LeaderShape Open to Non-Honors Students with 3.4 GPA

Attention UC students (that aren’t in the University Honors Program and have a GPA of 3.4 or higher). Consider applying for LeaderShape Institute.

The UC LeaderShapeInstitute

Are you ready to create a personal vision and learn to lead with integrity?

At the LeaderShape Institute, you’ll spend six days creating a comprehensive and powerful vision for the future that defines a bold change for your community, group, cause, or organization. As you work through this vision, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in reflection, planning, one-on-one interactions, small group feedback, and large group learning.

The LeaderShape Institute environment resembles a laboratory more than a formal classroom. You’re encouraged to practice new skills, give and receive feedback from peers and faculty, and risk new behaviors in a safe, supportive atmosphere. You’ll leave with a healthy disregard for the impossible and the ability to produce extraordinary results within your community!

The University Honors Program is pleased to present this amazing opportunity for up to 60 students December 10-15, 2011, at Higher Ground Conference andRetreat Center in West Harrison, IN.

Registration Information
The cost to participate is $200, which covers food, transportation, lodging and supplies.  Payment is not required with your online registration. 

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