Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snapshots from Outreach: What's @ UC?

One of the three key ways RAPP works on campus is providing free workshops, trainings, and retreats to the campus and community.

Last week was our first in Stratford Heights for the year.  RAPP members, RAPPORT folks, and community members joined in for a program organized by Kevin W (XXVI), resident advisor in Stratford Heights.

We played "What's @ UC?" - a game that challenges and educates Bearcats about demographics and resources around race, gender, sexuality, ability, and religion.

Many thanks to all who came out and played & discussed!

If you're interested in scheduling a workshop, check out our Outreach page!

Wil P (XXV) joins two community members in discussing a round.

Adolphe (XXVI), Brice, (XXV), and Jojo (XXIV) made up the team "The 3 Gents"!

Cassie (XXVI), Lulu (XXII), and Keshar (XXVII) figuring out the answers to a round!

Kevin & Matthew (XXVI) were joined by community members in their team!

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