Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Community Service with OTR Community Housing on December 3rd

Hello RAPP community!
This is a message from RAPP about our Fall quarter community service day on December 3rd!
As the date quickly approaches we are looking for volunteers to attend our day of service with Over the Rhine Community Housing. OTR Community Housing is a great organization that works to provide sustainable and affordable housing to the residents of the Over the Rhine Community. RAPP has worked with OTR community housing for the past two years, and we would like to continue our service with this organization in the hopes of making a positive impact in Cincinnati, a community we are all part of.
We have a limited number of volunteer spots available, so please reserve ASAP- ideally by Thursday, December 1st.
This is not a full day of service; it will begin at 9am and last until 12-1pm. Between 2-3 community service hours will be awarded to participants.
OTR Community Housing is located at 114 West 14th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202- you can drive down yourself and park in a pay lot on 14th street, or meet Marjorie and Rebecca at 8:15 in the RAPP office and we will ride the Metro Bus down. The bus drops off less than a block from the location and bus tokens will be provided.
For more details or to reserve a spot please contact:
Marjorie Bledsoe
or call
Please leave a message if no one is in the office 

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