Friday, November 4, 2011

Equality Ohio offers LGBT Trainings and Presentations

Bring Equality Ohio to Your University or Workplace

Equality Ohio offers a broad range of presentations, some for continuing education credit, that you can bring to your workplace or university. Equality Ohio’s Director of Programs and Outreach, Kim Welter, consistently travels throughout Ohio to present LGBT-related training to direct care providers, schools, businesses, and other organizations. The presentations include:
  • Straight Talk About LGBT Issues: General issues effecting the LGBT community
  • Safe Places Safe Spaces: Creating welcoming and inclusive environments for LGBT individuals
  • The State of the State: The status of state policies and how they effect the LGBT community
  • Marriage: How state marriage policies effect the LGBT community
  • Local/State Dynamics: How to work on local ordinances
Contact Kim Welter today to schedule a presentation. 

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