Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RAPP Spotlight: Tyler T, Speaker Extraordinaire

RAPP Spotlight is a column that we briefly had on the RAPP blog that we're now reviving.  What better place to start than with a RAPPer who's done much in the spotlight lately: Tyler Thompson!

Tyler is a graduate of RAPP XXV, a graduate of the inaugural class of the Social Justice League, and is a Peer Leader with RAPP XXVII this year.  He's a third-year student studying neuroscience and psychology.

Tyler is involved in several organizations on campus, including GenderBlocColors of Pride, and Advocates for Youth.  It's his involvement in these that put him in the spotlight on campus and in Greater Cincinnati this past week.

This past Saturday, November 20th, was the annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Tyler helped Cincinnati recognize this in several ways.

On Wednesday, November 17th, Tyler was the closing speaker for the city-wide event - he provided a brief but inspiring reflection on achievements toward and a call to action for continued work on trans* equality.

On Friday, November 19th, Tyler put on a rousing performance during the quarterly GenderBloc Genderf*ck Drag Show, which recognized Transgender Day of Remembrance as well as raised funds for TransOhio and awareness of Ohio issues and legislation around sexual health and education.

Thank you Tyler for all that you do!

Tyler delivering the Closing Reflection at the Greater Cincinnati Transgender Day of Remembrance event.

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