Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Call for Submissions: Undergraduate Discovery Publication

From the Provost's Office:
Project Overview:

The Undergraduate Discovery project is a new publication supported by the provost office which serves to highlight discovery work done by University of Cincinnati undergraduate students. This online publication showcases work in four thematic areas: Disciplinary Studies, Performance and the Creative Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies and Global Projects. The project is run by an undergraduate editorial staff, reviewed by graduate students and is open for public submission of material. Undergraduate Discovery will not only give exposure to students and their projects but it will also show off the best UC has to offer to prospective students, donors and alumni. The Undergraduate Discovery project is published annually by the Office of the Provost.

Who May Submit:

Contributions for this publication are welcome from any undergraduate student at UC with original discovery work that has been conducted in one of the four thematic areas since 2009. Examples of submissions can include traditional research programs such as REU, WISE or TAFT grants, CCM performances and creations, DAAP projects, Independent research, travel under UC international or significant study abroad experiences. These are just a few examples of what you can submit. We are excited to see any projects you are proud of, whether they were done for a class, under a grant or on your own.

Writing Tips:

As we are looking for a wide-variety of student projects, we understand that your final work can take the shape of a series of image files, a paper, a poster, a music or movie file, or a PDF booklet. However, since we want to fully understand your project, please make sure that your submission files are self-explanatory. If you were to submit a music file, for example, an accompanying text document explaining in depth what the piece is would help immensely in our editing process. Please write for an academic audience, but one that may not be familiar with your specific field. Tailor terminology, explanations and background material accordingly. Please talk about the experience you had while conducting the project. Cover things such as how you got involved, what you learned in the process and how it has shaped your academic career. The focus, however, should be the specifics of the excellent work you have completed. Feel free to contact the editors with any questions that relate to the material you wish to submit.

Editor in Chief:

Trent Amstutz - amstuttm@mail.uc.edu

Managing Editors:

Sara Yacyshyn (Disciplinary Studies) – yacyshse@mail.uc.edu

Jonathan Grossman (Performance & Creative Arts) – grossmjj@mail.uc.edu

Lauren Magrisso (Interdisciplinary Studies) – magrislm@mail.uc.edu

Jonathan Hilton (Global Projects) – hiltonjn@mail.uc.edu

The rules governing the request for submission are as follows:

1. Entry articles must not exceed 2000 words, plus a 150 word abstract

2. Up to two additional media items such as creative pdfs, pictures, videos or audio files are greatly encouraged to include with submission for publication. If submitting multiple images, please compile into a single pdf.

3. Current University of Cincinnati undergraduate students of both full-time and part-time degree programs are eligible.

4. Entries must be submitted electronically in either a .doc or .docx format

5. If applicable, entries must be properly presented with footnotes, references and a bibliography in accordance with APA guidelines

6. Entries must include the intellectual property release form to be considered for publication.

7. Students may submit multiple projects.

8. All entries must comply with all applicable University of Cincinnati regulations and policy for submitted written work including but not limited to those concerning plagiarism.

9. The Project reserves the right to edit, modify or make substantial changes to those entries it selects for publication. The Project also reserves the right not to print the chosen entries for any reason it deems necessary.

10. Eligibility for publication will be determined by academic status at the time of publication, not at time of submission.

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