Friday, February 3, 2012

A Call for Apathy: Ignoring the Loudest Voices

We all know that person; the one whose favorite debate strategy is to be the most obnoxious and over the top. This is usually the same person that is very stubborn in their views and too far gone to realistically think you can change them. As much as I’d like to believe that everyone can be changed, I know that, no matter how much progress is made, there will always be some people who hold on to their wrong views no matter how silly or extreme they look, and I’m perfectly fine with that. As long as these types of people stay in the minority and don’t have any power then they can be as ignorant as they want to be. Point in case: I often times hear people complain about the now infamous Westboro Baptist Church. The group that has gained fame from things like this-
I understand why family members and friends of the people they protest would be upset with this group, and rightfully so. But for the rest of us, we really need to quit giving this group of people news coverage, (yes I realize I'm giving them attention by posting this They embody a fringe view and they have no power or influence. People estimate that the “church” only has about 40 members, most of whom are related to each other. It’s pretty much just a guy and his family.
Moral of the story: the loudest voices sometimes have the emptiest minds. Let’s not give them more than they’re worth.


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  2. I completely agree, Kevin. The (over)reaction to the tiny church has made them a household name, not their prejudicial actions. I would add that the attention given to Westboro Baptist does another harmful thing, beside giving hate speech a national platform. It distracts us from institutional oppression. It's more alarming--and lazier--to fill newspapers with stories about the latest escapades of these bigots. But doing so keeps our eyes off real issues. Talk about what 40 (almost universally reviled) people think; ignore how the majority of us deny the humanity of our fellow citizens. It surely is easier and self-serving to decry the most obnoxious people. Hey, look over there! How awful of those other people! I'm posting my disapproval on Facebook of an overtly hateful extended family from Topeka, Kansas. I'm one of the good guys!