Monday, February 20, 2012

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Update for UC Campus

From the UC Planning, Design & Construction Department and the UC Women's Center (which has been working hard on this important issue):

The following bathrooms will have new signs placed indicating they are unisex type bathrooms to be used for one person…The signage should be installed over the next few weeks. The Steger 553 bathroom is in the design phase, so it will be at least six or eight months til this room is available.

Aronoff/DAAP 6420
Aronoff/DAAP 6418
Teachers 249
Teachers 122C
Blegen 207A
Blegen 410C
Blegen 605A
Steger 553 (to be converted to a bathroom- still at least six or eight months from being available)
Steger 630D
Steger 630I
Langsam 546
Lindner 114
Lindner 337
Lindner 602
Tangeman 364A
Tangeman 364B
Rec Center 0222A, 0222B, 0222C, 0222D
French West 2101
French West 2231
Old Chem 502
Market Pointe 101C

MSB 4187 (not available til building renovation is complete)
MSB 4188 (not available til building renovation is complete)
MSB 7017
MSB 7018
French East 220
Kettering G20, G24, G33, 406

Building B 345
Building C 221
Building F 114
Building F 210

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