Friday, February 10, 2012

Have a Heart Week for GlobeMed at UC - Feb 14th-20th!

Have a Heart Week for GlobeMed

This week a fire ravaged the rural town [in Thailand] that GlobeMed at UC supports. Over 100 citizens have been displaced and left without food, water or medical care.

In addition to raising awareness about the issues that face the Burmese refugee population daily, we will be raising money in a week-long series of events called "Have a Heart Week" to support them in this time of tragedy.

This Tuesday (2/14), we will be selling puppy chow in the breezeway of CRC as well as Hope bracelets. We will also be doing a campaign called "Singles for Singles" where we will celebrate Singles Awareness Day (aka Valentine's Day) by asking individuals to donate a dollar to our cause.

We will finish the week with a campus-wide awareness initiative on World Day of Social Justice (2/20) that we aim to document as the world's largest demonstration by college students of what we believe all humans deserve.

To learn more about our partner in Thailand, visit You can learn more about GlobeMed by visiting our Facebook page.

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