Monday, March 19, 2012

BRIDGES Equity Leadership Training - Mar 22nd!

Equity Leadership Training: Strategies for Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Organizations, corporations, schools, or any group can be diverse without being inclusive.
 BRIDGES  invites you to explore the relationship between diversity and inclusion while sharpening your awareness and enhancing your leadership skills.
 Learn  to work more effectively with people from different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences and embrace your role in creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

Wed. March 7, 1:30-4:30p
Thurs. March 22, 4:30-8pm
Fifth Third Convening Center,
          United Way, 2400 Reading Road 
General Registration: $45
Program Partners & Alumni: $30
To register  follow the link below:
  Or contact David Weaver  via email:
Lite fare & drinks provided.

This training is designed for you if you are:
•Non-profit leader
•Human resources professionals
•Educators or counselors
•Emerging leaders
•Interested in creating more welcoming places
By the sessions end you will:
•Assess your diversity and inclusion experiences and knowledge
•Learn techniques to successfully engage in challenging discussions
•Explore the difference between diversity training and practicing equitable leadership
•Examine your assumptions and how easily these can become judgments
•Be able to reflect on the messages that have shaped our lens on the world
•Be able to develop a plan for how to build on your knowledge and understanding.

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