Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recognizing Commitment in RAPP XXVII

Winter quarter is known in the RAPP community for being a hard one.  On top of the usual challenges of balancing school, work, family, life, and other things, it's winter.  It's cold.  Traffic can be unpredictable.  It's dark before the RAPP meeting even starts.

With that in mind, we want to continue recognizing folks who were able to uphold their commitment to be present in mind and body in RAPP.

The following 25 RAPPers participated in all meetings and the retreat for winter quarter:

Adam Voegele*
Adrian Vance
Allison Siemer*

Ana Montalvan
Angelo Cruz*
Becky Kollstedt*
Brendon Richey
Carrie Callahan*
Chris Foster*
Danny Lin*
Emily Rath*
Erin Walden
Farooq Alkhateeb*
Gregor McCord
Isa Shakir
Jalisa Holifield*
Jamieson Williams*

JayChrist Christopher*
Jessica Nelson

Keshar Smith*
Laura Perez*
Mary Singer*
Megan Kreaps*
Nick Herrmann*
Sean Buchanan*

*Have participated in all meetings & retreats this entire RAPP year

Our Peer Leaders sign on to a slightly smaller commitment in terms of attending the RAPP XXVII meetings/retreats (though they put in time elsewhere with meetings & trainings).  All of our Peer Leaders are on track fulfilling their commitment, so many thanks to Matthew, Mieshia, Tyler, and Wil!

Many thanks also to our RAPP interns and Public Ally this year!  They have all gone above and beyond their intern contracts in time commitment to our groups!

Three Wednesday RAPPers - Jamieson, Becky, and Keshar - showing the range of emotions experienced in RAPP this quarter.  ;)

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